Application developed to the Neo4j Challenge.
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This is a Heroku-ready Stock Exchange symbol lookup demo application using: Neo4j, VoiceXML, JRuby, Sinatra, Spring Data, Spring Framework, Maven, Java, Jetty, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Arbor.js, and data provided by Yahoo Finance.

If you want more details about the development of this application, click here.

Getting Started Locally

  • Download an install Java (JDK 1.7.0_02-b13 is fine)
  • Install JRuby 1.6.7 (use RVM or rbenv)
  • Download and install Maven 3.0.3
  • Download and install Neo4J 1.6
    • export NEO4J_REST_URL=http://localhost:7474/db/data
    • export NEO4J_LOGIN=""
    • export NEO4J_PASSWORD=""
    • Start Neo4j local server
  • git clone
  • cd neoquotes/app/java
  • mvn package
  • cd ../../
  • bundle exec trinidad -t -r -e development
  • open http://localhost:3000

Pushing to Heroku

How does it work?

Check the NeoQuotes Heroku Buildpack readme file for more information.

Local development

To run your rake tasks, unit tests for example, simply run:

jruby -S bundle exec rake test

To add Java dependencies, modify the app/java/pom.xml file and re-run mvn install or mvn package.

To run Junit tests is a matter of running mvn test.

Don't forget to start neo4j local server, and export required environment variables before running any mvn command. Otherwise you'll get connection refused errors.


Neo4j for the amazing piece of software and for sponsoring the challenge. Of course, to all others great open-source technologies used in this application.