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Neo4j Template for OpenShift

This is a blank application whose intent is to serve as a template to build another web applications with the following base stack:

  • Neo4j Graph Database
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Web MVC
  • Spring Data Neo4j

How it works

Read my blog post here.

How to get started

  1. Create your OpenShift account

  2. gem install rhc

  3. Generate a new ssh key-pair with this name:

  • ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/libra_id_rsa
  1. Add them to your local ssh-agent:
  • ssh-add ~/.ssh/libra_id_rsa
  1. Access your OpenShift account and add your generated SSH key.

  2. Create a new Java app with:

  • rhc-create-app -a <yourappname> -t jbossas-7 -l <your rhc login>
  1. Update your recently created app repository with:
  • cd <yourappname>
  • git remote add upstream -m master git://
  • git checkout -b template
  • git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
  • git checkout master
  • git merge template
  • git branch -D template
  1. You must have to export the following variable into your system (just a path to store Neo4j data):
  • export OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR=/some/dir/related/to/your/project/maybe
  1. Start jetty with:
  • mvn -Plocalhost jetty:run
  1. Commit the changes, and then push, by running:
  • git commit -a -m "Neo4j template running on OpenShift."
  • git push

And have fun with Neo4j at OpenShift!