A Visual Studio Extension containing miscellaneous improvements to the editor.
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A Visual Studio 2012 - 2017 extension that enhances the text editing experience!

Official Site: http://viasfora.com/

Build Status: Build Status

Rainbow Braces

Colorize ()/[]/{} based on depth!
Rainbow Braces

Keyword classification

  • Colorize flow-control keywords
    Flow Control Keywords
  • Colorize LINQ keywords
    LINQ Keywords
  • Colorize visibility keywords
    Visibility keywords

String colorization

  • Highlighting escape sequences in strings
    Escape Sequences
  • Highlighting C/C++ format specifiers in strings
    C format specifiers


  • User-defined Outlining regions
    User outlining
  • Creating new outlining sections based on selected text
    Outline selection

Text obfuscation

Provides an easy way to hide text in the editor during presentations, based on regular expressions.

Configuration Obfuscation configuration

Runtime Enable with the View -> Obfuscate Text command: Text obfuscation

XML editor extensions

  • Colorizing namespace prefixes
    XML Namespaces
  • Coloring closing element tags
    XML closing tags
  • Matching element tags
    Matching elements
  • Resolving namespace prefixes
    XML Prefixes

Other features

  • Presentation Mode
  • Simple modelines support
  • Editor margin for extension developers
  • All options configurable from the Visual Studio Options dialog

Supported Languages

Most features include support for the following languages

  • C/C++
  • C#
  • VB, VBScript
  • F#
  • JavaScript
  • SQL, U-SQL
  • TypeScript
  • Python
  • PowerShell
  • S
  • R
  • HLSL
  • Fortran


Visual Studio 2017 is needed for building from source.