XML Editor Extensions

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Viasfora allows you to customize how XML namespace prefixes are rendered in the Visual Studio XML editor through the Viasfora XML Prefix entry in the Fonts and Colors options page:

XML Prefixes

You can also render closing element tags in a different color through the Viasfora XML Closing Tag entry in the Fonts and Colors options page:

XML Closing Tags

With Viasfora, the XML editor will also highlight the matching opening/closing element tags when the caret is in one of them:

XML Matching Tags

Resolving Namespace Prefixes

Viasfora will also extend the Intellisense provided by the Visual Studio XML editor: Put the cursor over an XML namespace prefix, and a tooltip will tell you what it is mapped to in that context!

XML Prefix Resolution

HTML Support

Most of these features work also on the HTML editor, including Razor pages.

For Visual Studio 2015, with the new Razor Tag Helpers, a new Viasfora Razor Tag Closing Element option has been added to ensure closing tags for Tag Helpers are rendered correctly.