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Visual Studio Color Schemes

These are a bunch of different color schemes I've created over the years to customize the colors and fonts used by the Visual Studio Text Editor.

Many of the schemes are present in versions for both VS2005 and VS2008, but as I'm using VS2005 a lot less these days, it's unlikely I'll create any new ones or further maintain the existing ones on that version, and instead concentrate on VS2008 and VS2010.

Most of the color schemes are reasonably complete, including customizations for normal code, CSS, HTML, XML (and XAML, for VS2008). This repository also contains a few scripts I've created for dealing with theme files.

In particular, PortVSSettings.xslt is an XSLT template for automatically porting a VS2005 color scheme to a VS2008.

You can find screenshots of most of these themes under the VS Color Scheme category in my personal blog.