Save power while you're away from your computer.
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I'm Away

Are you stepping away from you computer but need to run it anyway? Are you concerned about the power consumption? Are you bothered by turning all the monitors off manually?

We have a solution!

You run the I'm Away tool and all your displays will automaticaly turn off a minute later. If something wakes them up while you're away, they'll get turned off again.

Once you get back, you press the "I'm back" button and you're done! Your power settings will get restored to the way they were before you started the app.


  • Python2
  • PyGTK


Put the file to the directory for the installed apps (probably /usr/bin/).

$ sudo cp ~/code/away/ /usr/bin/

Put the away.desktop file to the directory for the apps' shortcuts (probably /usr/share/applications/).

$ sudo cp ~/code/away/away.desktop /usr/share/applications/

Edit the away.desktop file and replace the $PREFIX part in the Exec field with the path to the file (probably /usr/bin/

$ sudo sed -e "s/\$PREFIX/\/usr\/bin/" --in-place /usr/share/applications/away.desktop

Make sure you have the python2 executable working. If not, replace the "python2" part in the away.desktop file with whatever is your Python 2 executable.


  • automate the installation
  • dim the window surroundings when the app is running
    • this will make it stand out. It'll save users from forgetting to close the program and then be annoyed when the display turns off.


Copyright (C) 2010 Tomas Sedovic

The "I'm Away" program is distributed under the Version 3 of the GPL or any later version. See the included COPYING file for the full text of the license.