Tab completions and snippets for Backbone.js (last updated @0.9.9) (JS + CS)
Latest commit a738e01 Dec 16, 2012 @tomasztunik Updated to 0.9.9

Backbone.js snippets and tab completions for Sublime Text 2

  • suports both JavaScript and CoffeScript
  • covers tab completions for full 0.9.9 public API
  • adds few convenience snippets

JavaScript Scope

bd - Module definition (requirejs)
bv - Backbone.View.extend({$1})
bm - Backbone.Model.extend({$1})
bc - Backbone.Collection.extend({$1})
br - Backbone.Router.extend({$1})

CoffeeScript Scope

bd - Module definition (requirejs)  
bv - Backbone.View  
bm - Backbone.Model  
bc - Backbone.Collection  
br - Backbone.Router  

Additional CoffeeScript Snippets available at dougrdotnet/Sublime-Text-2-Backbone.js-Coffee

Available from Sublime Package Control default channel or if you prefer to install manually just clone/copy to your Sublime Text 2 packages folder

Any requests to add more snippets? ideas to make it better? random requests? just ping me or open a pull request straight away.

CoffeScript support added by @dougrdotnet