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Experiments for a FreeCAD Surface workbench
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FreeCAD Curves and Surfaces WorkBench

Curves Workbench

This is a python workbench, with a collection of tools for NURBS curves and surfaces. This workbench is developed with FreeCAD Master (currently 0.18) and OCC 7.3 Some tools may not work with earlier versions.

Note: I am a very bad programmer, and this workbench is full of dirty, crappy code ;-) Please don't use these tools for any serious work.


There are 2 methods to install Curves WB:

  1. For FreeCAD version 0.17 or higher it's preferred to install this workbench with the FreeCAD's addon manager under the label "Curves".
  2. The second method is
  • go in your personal FreeCAD folder ( usually ~/.FreeCAD on Linux )
  • cd ./Mod ( or create this folder if it doesn't exist )
  • git clone
  • start FreeCAD

"Curves" workbench should now show up in the workbench dropdown list.


Feedback, suggestions, and patches (via Pull Request) are all appreciated. If you find a problem with this workbench please open an issue in the issue queue, or join the following discussion of FreeCAD's forum : Curves workbench

Curves WB Tools

  • Create a B-Spline curve BSplineCurve
  • Create a parametric editable B-Spline curve from a selected edge Editable Spline
  • Join a set of edges into a single B-Spline curve
  • Discretize an edge with various methods Discretize
  • Approximate a set of points to a B-Spline curve or surface Approximate1 Approximate2
  • Create a parametric blending curve between to edges, with up to G2 continuity Blend
  • Comb Plot tool to visualize the curvature flow of an edge Comb Plot
  • Zebra tool creates zebra stripes environment texture for surface inspection
  • Nurbs surface editor to edit a Nurbs surface by moving the control vertices
  • Trim tool to cut a face with an edge
  • Geom Info displays information in the 3D view, about the selected edge or surface Geom Info 1 Geom Info 2
  • Extract subShapes from an object
  • Parametric isocurve object
  • Map a sketch on a face
  • Birail object to be used as support for a "Sweep On 2 Rails" tool


CurvesWB is released under the LGPL2.1+ license

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