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Models the effects of behaviours on learning
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Rings is an attempt to graphically illustrate what effects an organisations ability to learn.

The outer rings with orange circles are behavioural causes. You can vary these by clicking them (or touch), making the cause more positive, or shift-clicking (or 2 finger touch) to make the cause more negative. When a cause switches from +ve to -ve it will change name for example Courage switches to Fear

The next set of rings are the effects, you can't vary these, they will increase and decrease over time effected by the causes. Each effect is effected at different rates by the different causes

The centre ring is the purpose, in this case it is learning. Play around with the causes to see how they effect learning. If you disagree with the model play around with the json and create your own model. I'd love to hear what you come up with.

Try is out at

Have fun


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