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#ifndef _VOLUMES_H
#define _VOLUMES_H
#include "extents.h"
// stub
struct program_params;
* Return size of extents (in bytes) for provided volume name
off_t get_extent_size(struct program_params *pp, const char *lv_name);
* Return volume name of first defined logical volume in config file
const char *get_first_volume_name(struct program_params *pp);
* Select best extents that conform to provided criteria
* @var es statistics of extent to get data from
* @var ret[out] returned list of extents
* @var pp general program parameters
* @var lv_name volume name of which extents are to be selected
* @var max_tier don't select extents from tier higher than this (or lower
* in case of hot_cold == ES_COLD)
* @var max_extents don't return more than this much extents
* @var hot_cold return hottest (ES_HOT) or coldest extents (ES_COLD)
int extents_selector( struct extent_stats *es,
struct extents **ret,
struct program_params *pp,
const char *lv_name,
int max_tier,
int max_extents,
int hot_cold);
* Pull statistics from lvmtsm file
int get_volume_stats(struct program_params *pp, const char *lv_name,
struct extent_stats **es);