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Tom's Solihull College Work

Tom At Solihull

👋 Welcome! This is a place for me, @itsmeimtom, to organise work undertaken while studying a BTEC Nationals Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT, Networking and System Support (what a mouthful!) at Solihull College.
All work and content here was created and completed between September 2021 and Early May 2023.

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If some links above don't work, check back after July 2023; I plan to make as much as possible public when I graduate.
In the meantime, you can explore the rest of the projects in the organisation.

See Also

You may also be interested in my classmate George's work, available here. Mine is obviously better though.

My GitHub account is @itsmeimtom. You can find more information about me on my website.


A special thanks goes out to my lovely classmates—too many to list here—as well as Solihull's excellent tutors, both pastoral and in Computing: Neil, Chris, James, Noreen, Mike, and Shaista.


  1. meme-maker Public archive

    [Unit 6] Meme Maker in C#


  2. btec-grade-calculator Public archive

    [Unit 6] BTEC Grade Calculator & Supporting A2 Work


  3. scripts-etc Public archive

    Dump for Scripts & Etc that are related to work done at SCUC


  4. surya Public archive

    [Unit 28] Statically-Generated Real Estate Website w/ Jekyll



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