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Tom's Solihull College Work

Tom At Solihull

👋 Welcome! This is a place for me, @itsmeimtom, to organise work undertaken while studying a BTEC Nationals Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT, Networking and System Support (what a mouthful!) at Solihull College.
All work and content here was created and completed between September 2021 and Early May 2023. As of August 2023, I completed this course with the top grade of Distinction*Distinction*Distinction*.

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😜 You may also be interested in my classmate George's work, available here. Mine is obviously better though.

👤 My GitHub account is @itsmeimtom. You can find more information about me on my website.

🎓 Work from my time at University can be found in the tomatport org.


🙏 A special thanks goes out to my lovely classmates—too many to list here—as well as Solihull's excellent tutors, both pastoral and in Computing: Neil, Chris, James, Noreen, Mike, and Shaista.


  1. assignments assignments Public

    Finished assignments from my time at SCUC.


  2. notes notes Public archive

    Obsidian Notes

  3. btec-grade-calculator btec-grade-calculator Public archive

    [Unit 6] BTEC Grade Calculator & Supporting A2 Work


  4. scripts-etc scripts-etc Public archive

    Dump for Scripts & Etc that are related to work done at SCUC



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