Setup docker mailserver using the script

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The latest version of the script is included in the docker-mailserver repository. Get the last version to the script by copying this command in your console:

wget -q -O; chmod a+x ./

if you use curl:

curl -o; chmod a+x ./

Run ./ without arguments and you get some usage informations.

Usage: ./ [-i IMAGE_NAME] [-c CONTAINER_NAME] <subcommand> <subcommand> [args]


  -i IMAGE_NAME     The name of the docker-mailserver image, by default
  -c CONTAINER_NAME The name of the running container.



    ./ email add <email> <password>
    ./ email update <email> <password>
    ./ email del <email>
    ./ email restrict <add|del|list> <send|receive> [<email>]
    ./ email list

    ./ alias add <email> <recipient>
    ./ alias del <email> <recipient>
    ./ alias list


    ./ config dkim <keysize> (default: 2048)
    ./ config ssl


    ./ debug fetchmail
    ./ debug show-mail-logs
    ./ debug inspect
    ./ debug login <commands>


  • ./ email add <email> [<password>]: Add an email-account (<password> is optional)
  • ./ email update <email> [<password>]: Change the password of an email-account (<password> is optional)
  • `./ email del ': delete an email-account
  • ./ email restrict <add|del|list> <send|receive> [<email>]: deny users to send or receive mail. You can also list the respective denied mail-accounts.
  • ./ email list: list all existing email-accounts


  • ./ alias add <email> <recipient>: add an alias(email) for an email-account(recipient)
  • ./ alias del <email> <recipient>: delete an alias
  • ./ alias list: list all aliases


  • ./ config dkim <keysize> (default: 2048): autoconfig the dkim-config with an (optional) keysize value
  • ./ config ssl: generate ssl-certificates


  • ./ debug fetchmail: see wiki
  • ./ debug fail2ban <unban> <ip-address>: omitt all options to get a list of banned IPs, otherwise unban the specified IP.
  • ./ debug show-mail-logs: show the logfile contents of the mail container
  • ./ debug inspect: show infos about the running container
  • ./ debug login <commands>: run a inside the mail container (omit the command to get shell access)
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