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// GBDocSetPublishGenerator.m
// appledoc
// Created by Tomaz Kragelj on 18.1.11.
// Copyright 2011 Gentle Bytes. All rights reserved.
#import "GBStore.h"
#import "GBApplicationSettingsProvider.h"
#import "GBTask.h"
#import "GBDataObjects.h"
#import "GBTemplateHandler.h"
#import "GBDocSetPublishGenerator.h"
@implementation GBDocSetPublishGenerator
#pragma Generation handling
- (BOOL)generateOutputWithStore:(id)store error:(NSError **)error {
NSParameterAssert(self.previousGenerator != nil);
GBLogInfo(@"Preparing DocSet for publishing...");
// Prepare for run.
if (![super generateOutputWithStore:store error:error]) return NO;
GBTask *task = [GBTask task];
task.reportIndividualLines = YES;
// Get the path to the installed documentation set and extract the name. Then replace the name's extension with .xar.
NSString *inputDocSetPath = self.inputUserPath;
NSString *packageName = self.settings.docsetPackageFilename;
NSString *atomName = self.settings.docsetAtomFilename;
NSString *installedDocSetPath = inputDocSetPath;
// If installation was skipped, move the docset folder to a .docset bundle.
if (!self.settings.installDocSet) {
installedDocSetPath = [self.settings.outputPath stringByAppendingPathComponent:self.settings.docsetBundleFilename];
installedDocSetPath = [installedDocSetPath stringByStandardizingPath];
GBLogVerbose(@"Moving DocSet files from '%@' to '%@'...", inputDocSetPath, installedDocSetPath);
if (![self copyOrMoveItemFromPath:inputDocSetPath toPath:installedDocSetPath error:error]) {
GBLogWarn(@"Failed moving DocSet files from '%@' to '%@'!", inputDocSetPath, installedDocSetPath);
return NO;
// Prepare command line arguments for packaging.
NSString *outputDir = self.outputUserPath;
NSString *outputDocSetPath = [outputDir stringByAppendingPathComponent:packageName];
NSString *outputAtomPath = [outputDir stringByAppendingPathComponent:atomName];
NSString *signer = self.settings.docsetCertificateSigner;
NSString *url = self.settings.docsetPackageURL;
if ([url length] == 0) GBLogWarn(@"--docset-package-url is required for publishing DocSet; placeholder will be used in '%@'!", outputAtomPath);
// Create destination directory.
if (![self initializeDirectoryAtPath:outputDir preserve:[NSArray arrayWithObject:atomName] error:error]) {
GBLogWarn(@"Failed initializing DocSet publish directory '%@'!", outputDir);
return NO;
// Create command line arguments array.
NSMutableArray *args = [NSMutableArray array];
[args addObject:@"package"];
[args addObject:@"-output"];
[args addObject:[outputDocSetPath stringByStandardizingPath]];
[args addObject:@"-atom"];
[args addObject:[outputAtomPath stringByStandardizingPath]];
if ([signer length] > 0) {
[args addObject:@"-signid"];
[args addObject:signer];
if ([url length] > 0) {
[args addObject:@"-download-url"];
[args addObject:url];
[args addObject:installedDocSetPath];
// Run the task.
BOOL result = [task runCommand:self.settings.docsetUtilPath arguments:args block:^(NSString *output, NSString *error) {
if (output) GBLogDebug(@"> %@", [output stringByTrimmingWhitespaceAndNewLine]);
if (error) GBLogError(@"!> %@", [error stringByTrimmingWhitespaceAndNewLine]);
if (!result) {
if (error) *error = [NSError errorWithCode:GBErrorDocSetUtilIndexingFailed description:@"docsetutil failed to package the documentation set!" reason:task.lastStandardError];
return NO;
return YES;
#pragma mark Overriden methods
- (NSString *)outputSubpath {
return @"publish";
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