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// DDXcodeProjectFile.h
// appledoc
// Created by Dominik Pich on 9/4/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Gentle Bytes. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
/** @file DDXcodeProjectFile.h */
* reads an xcode 4 Project file and provides an in memory representation
* @warning WHICH cannot be saved at the moment
* @warning Does only provide the fundamental project settings right now as that's all I need ATM :D
@interface DDXcodeProjectFile : NSObject
@property(readonly) NSString *path;
@property(readonly) NSDictionary *dictionary;
@property(readonly) NSString *name;
@property(readonly) NSString *minimumVersion;
@property(readonly) NSString *company;
@property(readonly) NSString *projectRoot;
@property(readonly) NSString *classPrefix;
@property(readonly) NSString *developmentRegion;
* an array of 1-N dicts for all files found in the project. Each dictionary contains 'path' and 'type'
* the path is resolved to an absolute path
@property(readonly) NSArray *files;
+ (id)xcodeProjectFileWithPath:(NSString*)path error:(NSError**)pError;
+ (id)xcodeProjectFileWithDictionary:(NSDictionary*)dict error:(NSError**)pError;
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