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// GBTypedefEnumData.h
// appledoc
// Created by Rob van der Veer on 25/7/13.
// Copyright (c) 2013 Gentle Bytes. All rights reserved.
#import "GBModelBase.h"
#import "GBObjectDataProviding.h"
#import "GBEnumConstantProvider.h"
/** Defines a single typedef enumeration, consisting of several constant definitions
* The parser will populate the structures for use. Currently, only NS_ENUM type definitions are supported.
@interface GBTypedefEnumData : GBModelBase
NSString *_typedefName;
GBEnumConstantProvider *_constants;
NSString *_enumPrimitive;
bool _isOptions;
+(id)typedefEnumWithName:(NSString *)name;
@property (readonly) NSString *nameOfEnum;
@property (readonly) GBEnumConstantProvider *constants;
/** The type of enum, e.g. for typdef NS_ENUM (NSInteger, name) {..} the value us `NSInteger` */
@property (copy) NSString *enumPrimitive;
/** True when the enum is defined as NS_OPTIONS */
@property (assign) bool isOptions;
@property (readonly) NSString *enumStyle;