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// GBCommentArgument.h
// appledoc
// Created by Tomaz Kragelj on 19.9.10.
// Copyright (C) 2010, Gentle Bytes. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class GBCommentParagraph;
/** Describes an argument of a `GBComment`.
An argument is a named argument such as parameter or exception. It contains the argument (parameter or exception) name as `argumentName` and corresponding description in the form of `GBCommentParagraph` as `argumentDescription`.
@interface GBCommentArgument : NSObject
/// @name Initialization & disposal
/** Returns a new autoreleased argument with the given name and description.
Sending this method is equivalent to:
GBCommentArgument *argument = [[[GBCommentArgument alloc] init] autorelease];
argument.argumentName = name;
argument.argumentDescription = description;
@param name The name of the argument.
@param description Description of the argument.
@return Returns initialized instance.
@exception NSException Thrown if name is `nil` or empty string or description is `nil`.
+ (id)argumentWithName:(NSString *)name description:(GBCommentParagraph *)description;
/** Returns a new autoreleased argument with no name and description. */
+ (id)argument;
/// @name Values
/** The name of the argument.
@see argumentDescription
@property (copy) NSString *argumentName;
/** Description of the argument as `GBCommentParagraph`.
@see argumentName
@property (retain) GBCommentParagraph *argumentDescription;
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