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// GBSourceInfo.h
// appledoc
// Created by Tomaz Kragelj on 23.9.10.
// Copyright (C) 2010, Gentle Bytes. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
/** Specifies declared file data for store object.
Declared file provides information about where an object was declared - i.e. source file name and line number. This can be used for generating output and for diagnostics and as debug information.
@interface GBSourceInfo : NSObject
/// @name Initialization & disposal
/** Returns a new autoreleased `GBSourceInfo` with the given values.
@param filename The name of the file including full path.
@param lineNumber Line number within the file.
@return Returns autoreleased object.
@exception NSException Thrown if the given filename is `nil` or empty string.
+ (id)infoWithFilename:(NSString *)filename lineNumber:(NSUInteger)lineNumber;
/// @name Data handling
/** Returns an `NSComparisonResult` value that indicates whether the receiver is greater than, equal to, or less than a given _data_.
Comparison is done over the `filename` first. If the `filename` is the same, `lineNumber` is compared.
@warning *Important:* Note that the given _data_ must not be `nil`. The behavior is undefined in such case!
@param data `GBSourceInfo` to compare with.
@return `NSOrderedAscending` if the value of _data_ is greater than the receiver, `NSOrderedSame` if they’re equal, and `NSOrderedDescending` if the _data_ is less than the receiver.
- (NSComparisonResult)compare:(GBSourceInfo *)data;
/** Full path to the file name.
@see filename
@property (readonly, copy) NSString *fullpath;
/** The name of the file, without path.
@see lineNumber
@property (readonly, copy) NSString *filename;
/** The number of the line within the file.
@see filename
@property (readonly, assign) NSUInteger lineNumber;
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