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Improved method parsing test to check for the problem mentioned in is…

…sue #218
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commit 00d7b132d939ece511a11f491d71172a0bc670fc 1 parent fe280df
@mattrubin mattrubin authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 Testing/GBObjectiveCParser-MethodsParsingTesting.m
4 Testing/GBObjectiveCParser-MethodsParsingTesting.m
@@ -283,12 +283,12 @@ - (void)testParseObjectsFromString_shouldRegisterComplexPropertyDefinition2 {
GBObjectiveCParser *parser = [GBObjectiveCParser parserWithSettingsProvider:[GBTestObjectsRegistry mockSettingsProvider]];
GBStore *store = [[GBStore alloc] init];
// execute
- [parser parseObjectsFromString:@"@interface MyClass @property (weak) IBOutlet id delegate; @end" sourceFile:@"filename.h" toStore:store];
+ [parser parseObjectsFromString:@"@interface MyClass @property (weak) IBOutlet id<Protocol> delegate; @end" sourceFile:@"filename.h" toStore:store];
// verify
GBClassData *class = [[store classes] anyObject];
NSArray *methods = [[class methods] methods];
assertThatInteger([methods count], equalToInteger(1));
- [self assertMethod:[methods objectAtIndex:0] matchesPropertyComponents:@"weak", @"IBOutlet", @"id", @"delegate", nil];
+ [self assertMethod:[methods objectAtIndex:0] matchesPropertyComponents:@"weak", @"IBOutlet", @"id", @"<", @"Protocol", @">", @"delegate", nil];
- (void)testParseObjectsFromString_shouldRegisterBlockPropertyDefinition {
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