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Custom setters like @property(… setter=mySetter)… will now have a pro…

…per reference link from the help bubble in setter method in implementation file to @property's help page in Quick Help (ALT+click).
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commit 04831068e437eaf98d65fd0abbbb367c33dfb8dd 1 parent 8b6e20f
@andreiaf andreiaf authored
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  1. +1 −0  Generating/GBDocSetOutputGenerator.m
1  Generating/GBDocSetOutputGenerator.m
@@ -339,6 +339,7 @@ - (void)addTokensXmlModelObjectDataForPropertySetterAndGetter:(GBModelBase *)met
[setterData setObject:[self.settings htmlReferenceNameForObject:property] forKey:@"anchor"];
[self addTokensXmlModelObjectDataForObject:setterMethod toData:setterData];
[setterData setObject:[data objectForKey:@"formattedComponents"] forKey:@"formattedComponents"];
+ [setterData setObject:[data objectForKey:@"refid"] forKey:@"refid"];
[members addObject:setterData];
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