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Changed the secondary title on hierarchy index to "Class hierarchy".

This is more or less cosmetic, but it fits nicer to the class reference index descriptions and avoids repetition with the main title.
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1 parent 28e7fcc commit 5bd0e8cb327b206003a9fc8f94ba043db803ca97 @tomaz committed Jun 6, 2009
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4 XHTMLGenerator.m
@@ -618,9 +618,7 @@ - (void) appendHierarchyHeaderToData:(NSMutableData*) data
[self appendLine:@" <div class=\"hierarchy\">" toData:data];
// Append the title.
- [self appendString:@" <h5>" toData:data];
- [self appendString:self.hierarchyTitle toData:data];
- [self appendLine:@"</h5>" toData:data];
+ [self appendLine:@" <h5>Class hierarchy</h5>" toData:data];
// Prepare the default group indent. We use this so that the XHTML code is visually
// more readable, however it doesn't add to the actual appearance...

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