Commits on Jun 6, 2009
  1. Changed the secondary title on hierarchy index to "Class hierarchy".

    tomaz committed Jun 6, 2009
    This is more or less cosmetic, but it fits nicer to the class reference index descriptions and avoids repetition with the main title.
  2. Implemented full hierarchy generation for the classes.

    tomaz committed Jun 6, 2009
    This allows output to show all known base classes including references to the actual base descriptions.
Commits on Jun 5, 2009
  1. Added support for browsing documentation set class hierarchy within t…

    tomaz committed Jun 5, 2009
    …he Xcode documentation window.
  2. Updated logging handling in case of errors by first emmiting context …

    tomaz committed Jun 5, 2009
    …based error message and only then throwing the error.
    In most cases the error is not directly related to the context, so it's message is confusing as to where the error happened and what the utility was doing. The new messages should handle this better.
  3. Implemented general file copy method in Systemator and fixed it so it…

    tomaz committed Jun 5, 2009
    … properly overwrites existing files.
  4. Refactored most verbose messages to debug level and introduced verbos…

    tomaz committed Jun 5, 2009
    …e level 5.
    The new verbose level is actually the same as 4 (debug), except it additionally outputs method name and line number for each message. Changing verbose messages to debug level makes output more consistent and more readable.
Commits on Jun 4, 2009
  1. Fixed XHTML index <li></li> output generation code formatting.

    tomaz committed Jun 4, 2009
    This is purely puristic fix to make the actual XHTML markup nicer looking. Nothing to do with the actual visual appearance.
  2. Fixed links handling to category members and undocumented or unknown …

    tomaz committed Jun 4, 2009
    …class members.
    The problem was two-fold. Again the origin comes from doxygen Objective-C parsing support which fails to handle category member links properly. It also completely ignores links to unknown class members. This is properly fixed while creating clean XML.
  3. All member links now use the correct prefix (- or +).

    tomaz committed Jun 4, 2009
    The users can even provide the template for their preffered naming style similar to inter-objects links. The prefix can also be used for inter-object links. There are both, command line argument and global parameters that can be used to change the default naming template.
  4. Fixed brief description parsing while generating output.

    tomaz committed Jun 4, 2009
    The problem was with recent refactor which addressed the documentation generation - the code to extract documentation nodes from the parent was moved to a separate method and -extractBriefParagraphsFromItem: and -extractDetailParagraphsFromItem: use it internally. However the brief method "forgot" to return the resulting array of sub nodes... This is fixed now.
Commits on Jun 3, 2009
  1. Fixed css so that example sections are displayed with nice font even …

    tomaz committed Jun 3, 2009
    …when framed example option is not used.
  2. Fixed multiline example generation for XHTML.

    tomaz committed Jun 3, 2009
    The problem was that all lines were treated as a single one, wrapping only when reaching the maximum page width. This is properly handled now by wrapping the <div> into a <pre> block. In order to show the same type of font, css had to be tweaked a bit too.
  3. Implemented example section generation and added support for emphasiz…

    tomaz committed Jun 3, 2009
    …ed text within descriptions.
    See SuperLogger class for examples.
  4. Implemented XHTML bordered examples, warnings and bugs generation.

    tomaz committed Jun 3, 2009
    This can optionally be switched on or off either through the command line or global parameters. Note that while the command parameters only support a single switch that changes the status of all three items, global parameters allow enabling or disabling each individual item type.
    Note that at this point, example sections are not parsed properly yet.
  5. Implemented the ability to override global boolean parameters by usin…

    tomaz committed Jun 3, 2009
    …g --no-<option-name> command line argument.
  6. Removed comments from command line usage print out.

    tomaz committed Jun 3, 2009
    Since the new options are more verbose and understandable, printing comments only clutters the output and makes it harder to see the actual options. Also removed the examples section - this can be prepared once from the readme file and is then a matter of simple copy/paste.
  7. Changed the readme text file to markdown format and updated it to ref…

    tomaz committed Jun 3, 2009
    …lect recent changes.
  8. Removed all unicode characters inserted by the doxygen custom user sc…

    tomaz committed Jun 3, 2009
    Although these were invisible in the code unless the file encoding was changed from UTF-8, and were invisible but present in the generated HTML too, it was still better to clean it up, so that any future output generators are not affected by these.
    The doxygen custom user scripts were also cleaned up, so they should not produce these chars any more.
  9. Changed the names of command line arguments and global parameters to …

    tomaz committed Jun 3, 2009
    …make their usage clearer.
Commits on Jun 2, 2009
  1. Fixed custom templates command line arguments parsing and handling.

    tomaz committed Jun 2, 2009
    The custom templates are now properly read in, including global parameters if they exist.
  2. Fixed code documentation, especially references for GeneratorBase and…

    tomaz committed Jun 2, 2009
    … it's helper categories.
  3. Fixed merged category section names generation for categories with no…

    tomaz committed Jun 2, 2009
    … name.
    If such condition is detected, the name of the section is simply the name from the category, otherwise category name is prepended to the section name as before.
  4. Refactored command line handling by reversing no-options and removing…

    tomaz committed Jun 2, 2009
    … abreviations to make the options easier to understand.
  5. Fixed invalid class location file from doxygen.

    tomaz committed Jun 2, 2009
    In certain cases where class categories are defined in separate files, doxygen assumes one of the categories file for the source of the extended class documentation. This is manually fixed by using a command line option.
  6. Refactored command line handling and output generation to prepare the…

    tomaz committed Jun 2, 2009
    … grounds for multiple output generators.
  7. Fixed clean index XML object references handling.

    tomaz committed Jun 2, 2009
    Previously the references were handled by the XSLT which generated the HTML. However this mixed the tasks and required output generation code to be aware of how to create the links. This is properly handled now inside the index XML, so the output generators can simply use the existing information.
Commits on Jun 1, 2009
  1. Changed the names of the generator constants to get clearer distincti…

    tomaz committed Jun 1, 2009
    …on between object and index values.