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AppleDoc exit status #113

barneym opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I saw some notes about XCode compatible output, so this may have been covered previously, but it seems like AppleDoc is returning an exit status other than 0 even when their are no errors.

I am getting warnings (always get warnings), but usually a warning will not elevate an exit status above 0 in UNIX commands.

This means a simple Run Script with "appledoc ." will abort an XCode build unless it's followed by an exit 0 or another successful command.

Trivial to get around, but could cause someone difficulties writing a usable script.


I ran into this one too. Success is exiting with status 1.


The way I've designed it is:

  • 0 for success
  • 1 if a warning was logged
  • 2 if error was logged (not really used currently)
  • 3 if fatal was logged (not really used currently)
  • 250 on crash

That could explain 1 (assuming there are some warnings). Personally I treat warnings as errors, so defaults would work for me, but some situations may require different handling, so there are two ways of changing this behavior. One is to suppress logging certain types of warnings (not recomended), and second to use --exit-threshold. The later takes numeric vaue and if exit code is below this value 0 is returned. So to supress warnings resulting in 1, you'd use --exit-threshold 2 or higher.

I still didn't have time to check this in Xcode as custom build script, but it works in terminal or running appledoc in Xcode, so I guess it should work otherwise... Hope this helps, let me know so I can either close the issue or mark it as bug.


That's great. I'll check out the threshold setting. Seems like the perfect solution.


Let me know if it solves it so I can close the issue.


Sorry for the delay getting around to testing this. Yes, the threshold worked exactly as explained. Thanks!

@barneym barneym closed this

Great, thanks!

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