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Doxygen uses @example, @code and @endcode to bracket example code in documentation. Support for this would be great.

Workaround – you can dump straight into the comment, but it doesn't get the nice blue background style that apple's example code does.


I don't plan on implementing @ directive based example block, I'm generally preferring as little directives as possible, except for those areas that would otherwise make it hard to do (method parameters and similar). That being said, you can do both, inline code and code blocks using Markdown syntax very simply and much more superior IMHO:

You can also use html code to do it: for inline code use <code></code>, for code blocks <pre><code></pre></code> and it should get picked up and use default style. For inline code it'll just use monospace font, for code blocks, you'll get frame with blue background.

Take a look at appledoc's GBTask class for example on how it looks like in source code and the output. You might also take a look at Markdown syntax rules and Discount library (which is used under the hood for Markdown parsing).

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