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Unable to only generate HTML #132

lucasweb78 opened this Issue · 12 comments

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I am trying to use appledoc to only generate HTML content. I do not want the docset created installed.

I am using the following arguments:

appledoc --project-name IOSCoreSDK --project-company "test" --company-id com.test --create-html YES --create-docset NO --output ~/Workspace/iOS/IOSCoreSDK/Docs --print-settings ~/Workspace/iOS/IOSCoreSDK/

When I execute this the docset is created and installed and the HTML files are moved to the docset install location.

Below is the output of print-settings:

Running for files in locations:

  • /Users/lucasr/Workspace/iOS/IOSCoreSDK/

Settings used for this run:
--project-name = IOSCoreSDK
--project-version = 1.0
--project-company = Deluxe Digital Distribution
--company-id = com.deluxe.d3

--templates = /Users/lucasr/Library/Application Support/appledoc
--output = /Users/lucasr/Workspace/iOS/IOSCoreSDK/Docs
--index-desc = (null)
--docset-install-path = /Users/lucasr/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets
--docsetutil-path = /Developer/usr/bin/docsetutil

--docset-bundle-id = com.deluxe.d3.IOSCoreSDK
--docset-bundle-name = IOSCoreSDK Documentation
--docset-desc =
--docset-copyright = Copyright © 2011 Deluxe Digital Distribution. All rights reserved.
--docset-feed-name = IOSCoreSDK Documentation
--docset-feed-url =
--docset-package-url =
--docset-fallback-url =
--docset-publisher-id = com.deluxe.d3.documentation
--docset-publisher-name = Deluxe Digital Distribution
--docset-min-xcode-version = 3.0
--docset-platform-family =
--docset-cert-issuer =
--docset-cert-signer =
--docset-bundle-filename = com.deluxe.d3.IOSCoreSDK.docset
--docset-atom-filename = com.deluxe.d3.IOSCoreSDK.atom
--docset-package-filename = com.deluxe.d3.IOSCoreSDK-1.0.xar

--clean-output = NO
--create-html = YES
--create-docset = YES
--install-docset = YES
--publish-docset = NO
--keep-intermediate-files = NO
--keep-undocumented-objects = NO
--keep-undocumented-members = NO
--search-undocumented-doc = YES
--repeat-first-par = YES
--merge-categories = YES
--keep-merged-sections = NO
--prefix-merged-sections = NO
--crossref-format = <?%@>?
--exit-threshold = 0

--warn-missing-output-path = YES
--warn-missing-company-id = YES
--warn-undocumented-object = YES
--warn-undocumented-member = YES
--warn-empty-description = YES
--warn-unknown-directive = YES
--warn-invalid-crossref = YES
--warn-missing-arg = YES

--logformat = 1
--verbose = 2

It does not seem to honor the create-docset NO. Am I doing something wrong or is this an issue.


You're using arguments with bool parameters, you should instead use --no-create-docset. Take a look at appledoc documentation pages, the last paragraph of the first section - it's actually stating exactly this example.

@tomaz tomaz closed this

Hi tomaz, one simple question about this topic.
Even if I set the following parameters:
--create-html = YES;
--no-create-html = YES;
--output: MyPath
the html documentation is not generated.
Is there another output folder to check or it is supposed to be in my MyPath?
Thanks a lot.


Thanks a lot for your reply.
I'm using appledoc in Xcode and I set a .plist file to pass all the parameters to the compiler.
Attached an image of the .plist file.
schermata 2014-02-03 alle 11 32 23
With this configuration I'm unable to generate html file. Am I missing something?
Thanks again.



In plist, you should use:

--create-docset   Boolean  NO

You're actually telling it to create the docset (with double negation). By default appledoc will move files generated by previous phases. So it will create html files which will be moved into docset in your case. You can also create docset and tell it to copy instead of move with --keep-intermediate-files.


For those who have the same issue, this configuration works perfectly:
schermata 2014-02-03 alle 11 46 28
Thanks a lot tomaz!


Hi Tomaz,
I believe which is a good tool, but I can not generate the html, I think I'm realy stupid.
Would you hlep ?
appledoc --verbose 6 --finalize-docset --create-html YES --output ~/doc --project-name frameOperation --project-company hollo --keep-intermediate-files ./frameOperation/
I can only find the css and img in the ~/doc, anything wrong? thanks for a lot.
./frameOperation is the project path, in which is frameOperation.xcodeproj.


@Changdao Does the output in console indicate some issue? Otherwise delete --finalize-docset and --create-html and use --no-create-docset instead. This will only create html on output folder.


I am unable to generate any output. I am using the following command
if [ $APPLEDOC_PATH ]; then
--project-name ${PRODUCT_NAME} \
--project-company "Test" \
--company-id "com.test" \
--output ${PRODUCT_NAME}Docs \
--keep-undocumented-objects \
--keep-undocumented-members \
--keep-intermediate-files \
--no-repeat-first-par \
--no-warn-invalid-crossref \
--exit-threshold 2 \

No folder is created on desktop. Please help.


Your APPLEDOC_PATH looks suspicious - it points to what seems to be MyDoc folder on Desktop but should be path to appledoc binary.


I have rectified my script as below. Still I am unable to see any doc folder in my project folder. What am I missing?
if [ $APPLEDOC_PATH ]; then
--project-name ${PROJECT_NAME} \
--project-company "YourCompany" \
--company-id "com.yourcompany" \
--ignore ".m" \
--ignore "Pods" \
--explicit-crossref \
--keep-undocumented-objects \
--keep-undocumented-members \
--no-repeat-first-par \
--no-warn-missing-arg \
--no-warn-undocumented-object \
--no-warn-undocumented-member \
--no-warn-empty-description \
--docset-bundle-id ${PROJECT_NAME} \
--docset-bundle-name ${PROJECT_NAME} \
--docset-install-path ${PROJECT_DIR} \
--output ${TEMP_DIR} \

${PROJECT_DIR}/docset-generation.log 2>&1 &


I have put appledoc at following path - /usr/local/bin/


APPLEDOC_PATH should be path to appledoc binary, not enclosing folder, try: APPLEDOC_PATH=/usr/local/bin/appledoc (if still doesn't work, try which appledoc to find out location of the binary - if it doesn't print out the path, then appledoc may not be installed correctly or in path)

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