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Support methods with no type information #147

cgriffin opened this Issue · 1 comment

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On line 29 of GBMethodArgument is the following code:

NSParameterAssert(([types count] == 0 && var == nil) || ([types count] > 0 && var != nil));

This assert was failing on my project. I traced it to a missing argument type declaration. In one of my .m files. I had something like this:

```- (void)myMethod:(NSObject *)obj anotherObject:aObject { }

The method declaration was correct in the .h file however. Now why the compiler did complain I don't know. So there is actually a valid situation where the assert above would fail. Depending on you definition of "valid". :) The feature would be to spit out the file and line number where this occurred to help the user find the issue.

Your case is valid objective-c method declaration, as you've deducted. appledoc currently requires type info (for no particular reason, it just simplified coding and I think it's good practice to keep type in method declaration too). And nobody complained (up until now :)). Will mark this as bug and see how much work it would require to make it optional.

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