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Unable to document @property with protocol #148

J-Jay opened this Issue Nov 3, 2011 · 6 comments

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J-Jay commented Nov 3, 2011

In a controller class, I have a property that is an id with protocl :

/** Delegate use with my controller.
@property (nonatomic, assign) id < MyControllerDelegate > delegate;

I am unable to generate documentation for this class. I am not have the > in documentation


I am experiencing the same issue.

// To Reproduce: Declare the following property in a header file, then generate documentation using appledoc.
@property(readwrite, assign) id <DataFetcherDelegate> delegate;

// Expected: A property named delegate to appear in the documentation.
// Actual: A property named DataFetcherDelegate appears in the documentation.
// Screenshot:

This is my only problem with appledoc so far, besides this it's totally perfect! Thanks so much!

tomaz commented Nov 7, 2011

Will check, if it's repeatable, then it's a bug inside parsing code.

@tomaz tomaz closed this in a4efa08 Nov 11, 2011

Parser still appears to get the wrong name at times:

@property (weak) IBOutlet id overlayDelegate;

Will result in a property named 'id'. And since I have both a delegate and a data source, they conflict. I'll try and write up a fix later.

J-Jay commented Mar 29, 2012

I just checkout the latest AppleDoc version. I still have the issue.

// Screenshot:

J-Jay commented Apr 1, 2012

I switched on pilky branche, ( It works like a charm !

Thanks all for this great jobs !

tomaz commented Apr 2, 2012

Thanks, good to know!

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