@see not adding companion guide link for class comment. #155

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Reading the documentation and Issue #68, it indicates an @see (static-template reference) in a class comment will add a Companion guide link to the static-template document.

When I try to add a companion guide using this method appledoc reports this in the build log:

appledoc version: 2.0.4 (build 703)
Oops, something went wrong...
AppledocException: Can't create token identifier for Document1-template.markdown; object is not top level and has no parent assigned!

Just putting a reference to my static doc in the class comment adds a navigable link in situ so I am happy the static doc is defined correctly.

I have posted a project demonstrating this at https://github.com/JulesLooker/SeeAlsoInvestigation. As is, the project builds and you can look at the installed docset. Then look at the comment in InvestigationClass.h, change AMP to an @ and build again to see the error.

It's quite possible I'm missing something, please advise.


tomaz commented Dec 8, 2011

Sorry for late response, am downloading your example project right now to see what's going on.


tomaz commented Dec 8, 2011

Ok, got it - companion guide link is created in html, but there's an error in DocSet generation due to appledoc trying to match the @see as a class member.

tomaz closed this in c1eb57f Dec 8, 2011

Nice work Tomaz, I appreciate the fix and appledoc as a whole. Well done.

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