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Merging named groups, subclasses #158

pixelglow opened this Issue Dec 13, 2011 · 1 comment

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Great tool -- love the use of Markdown and the results are much more Apple-like than the competition!

I've noticed that named groups are not merged together. For example

/** @name one */
/** @name two */
/** @name one */

creates three named groups (one, two, one), instead of merging the two groups named "one" together.

Merging named groups would be particularly useful when our header method layout is different from the documentation layout we want. In particular, I like to put all properties first and then all methods in the headers, but I want to combine properties and methods from the same named group together. It's not possible to do this in the current version.

Also the names do not carry over from a subclass e.g.

@interface A
/** @name one */
- (void)methodA;

@interface B
/** @name two */
- (void)methodB

methodA is put into it's own "Other Methods" group in B's documentation.

tomaz commented Dec 13, 2011

Grouping is not very refined. There are other suggestions for this too, #108 for example. Haven't decided the path to take yet, have very little time for this lately...

About keeping properties and methods separated: I used this approach too and still do for uncommented code - keeps code neatly arranged and readable. But once you add comments, they make the code much less readable, so I started adding properties at the bottom of the methods of the same group in such case (I prefer keeping them at the bottom :). This still keeps some order and more importantly keeps related code as together as possible with additional verbosity of comments IMHO.

About subclassing: don't remember how groups are handled for subclasses, would need to check the code. Comments should get copied automatically from super classes and implemented protocols though (if not default, you can enable this behavior through cmd line).

Anyway, am keeping the ticket for future reference. At least finding existing sections with same name should be relatively simple to implement.

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