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@todo directive #161

dented42 opened this Issue · 5 comments

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it would be nice to have some sort of 'todo' declaration with that would cause a warning to be generated in the output log, similar to when an undocumented member is encountered and --keep-undocumented-members is set.

I'm using a shell script build phase and the Xcode log format so that Xcode tells me when I've missed documenting an item. I can put a large TODO in all caps (or something similar) so that when I read the header later I will remember to fill in a missing paragraph, but it would be nice to have a warning generated so that when I build my library, I see all such similar warning in a single place.

The idea is that I'd do something like:

 * Long introduction paragraph about a class.
 * @todo explain super special awesome feature #31
@interface MECoolThing : NSOjbect {
  // ...
// ...

and the todo would show up as a warning.


Sounds useful although only short term need - until the documentation is completed. Will mark it as feature request for pool of ideas.

jk commented

Perhaps it's better to scan for // TODO: since Xcode does the same.


This is also an option, but it would require more processing - currently anything inside method declaration is ignored, only comment before method is used and processed.


I would prefer that appledoc not scan for // TODO:, because I use it in a context that is separate from how I would use @todo. For me at least, // TODO: is used to specify unfinished/ugly code that needs fixing, whereas I would use @todo in appledoc to indicate problems with documentation. I find the separation to be cleaner and perhaps a bit simpler, and the implementation would also be easier. But again, that's just my opinion.


I agree with dented42.

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