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I don't have time for a detailed description but wanted to write down a problem I found using appledoc with included static documentation (using a .markdown file):

In my static documentation (written in markdown syntax saved as a .markdown file) I'm using references to my documented classes and protocol. I can't get a reference to one of my protocols to work. It's listed in the generated documentation classes and protocols overview. References to other protocols are working but one isn't. I have tried using just the plain protocol name DownloadStatusDelegate and [DownloadStatusDelegate] both are not generating the reference.

BTW - this one works and generates the correct reference:


Ooops - didn't want that to be converted to a link. Using the [DownloadStatusDelegate] with (DownloadStatusDelegate) syntax is actually working


tomaz commented Jan 5, 2012

Strange... At least you get a workaround :) Do you get some error/warning in appledoc output in terminal?

No errors, no warnings.

I have defined several protocols and two enums in the same header-file. Perhaps this could be the source of the problem.
All methods in the protocol are set to "optional".


tomaz commented Jan 9, 2012

Multiple objects per single file or setting methods to optional/required shouldn't be a problem (as long as protocol names are different, but that would also give you compiler errors :). Can you email me mentioned header file and one file which uses cross reference to one of the protocols? Or if you're concerned with privacy, you can prepare test project demonstrating the issue then I can give it a go.

I'*m currently trying to prepare a test-project. Problem is that I can not reproduce the error with my test-project yet ;-)

I now have a working example. What is your e-mail adress?


tomaz commented Jan 9, 2012

You can send it to [](mailto: (you'll get confirmation email back, so you'll know when I get it :)) Will check it as soon as I can manage.


tomaz commented Jan 12, 2012

I can confirm the problem with files you sent. Not sure why it wouldn't work though... Will have to dig in harder, so it'll probably take some time.

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