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Improper handling of varargs #173

dented42 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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appledoc seems misbehave when confronted with methods that take a variable number of arguments. Documentation is generated for the method that takes a variable number of arguments, though it doesn't seem to indicate that it takes a variable number of arguments in the generated documentation. However the member following the vararg method seems to be ignored by appledoc entirely.

Without varargs:

-(id)initWithBuilders:(FLDataBuilder*)builders; // documentation is generated for this method
@property (readonly) NSUInteger size; // as well as this one

With varargs:

-(id)initWithBuilders:(FLDataBuilder*)builders, ...; // documentation is generated for this method
@property (readonly) NSUInteger size; // but not this one

Will check this...


I have the same problem!

@tomaz tomaz closed this issue from a commit
@tomaz Fixed var args consuming subsequent method or property. Closes #173.
The problem was in the code that matched termination macros - it consumed everything beyond method, until end of next declaration. In case of var arg methods, termination macros were actually parsed twice. This fix should handle both cases properly.
@tomaz tomaz closed this in fbc693b
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