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So, is it possible to install docset to NOT default path. Setting --docset-install-path as some local path gives:

Generation step 3/3 failed: GBDocSetInstallGenerator failed generaing output, aborting!
Documentation set was installed, but couldn't reload documentation within Xcode.
Xcode got an error: No documentation set present at specified path.


tomaz commented Feb 22, 2012

Not sure if that's fine for Xcode, but appledoc should be able to generate it at any given path. Did you check if the docset bundle is present there?

Absolutely sure, it's there.
Appledoc generates it, but fails to add it to xCode documentation.


tomaz commented Feb 22, 2012

Did you try reopening Xcode to see if docset is there? When appledoc is finished, it simply invokes this AppleScript:

tell application "Xcode"
    load documentation set with path "<path>"
end tell

where is actual path to generated docset. So in fact it doesn't "install" docset to Xcode, but rather tell it to reload so that it updates it's indexes and whatever else needed. As far as I remember, Xcode expects docsets in specific folders, never tried custom paths and don't know whether that's supported or not. The reason for including --docset-install-path was not as much to support custom paths, but to handle "standard" path changes in newer versions of Xcode.

If you'd like to use custom path, I suggest you invoke above AS yourself to see what happens - you might get more descriptive error message.

I'm closing the ticket for now, but feel free to add comments in case you discover something.

@tomaz tomaz closed this Feb 22, 2012

Yep, looks like Xcode is able to handle docs only from predefined path. Thanks for assistance!


tomaz commented Feb 23, 2012

Ok, you could write a bugreport to Apple if you think you have valid reason for using custom paths...

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