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[Feature Request] Support Mailing List or Forum #194

lowell opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I'm having difficulty building a docset for nufound. I want to ask someone for help, but I don't want to burden the developer who already has to deal with 38 open issues along with existing non-public support requests. This project seems to have a decent enough following to warrant at least a mailing list; Google Groups is a popular option.


This one's weird - I isolated it to this:

@interface SomeClass
- (void)method:(SEL)name;

It doesn't matter method name, types or variable name, it fails due to assertion ([types count] == 0 && var == nil) which should be fine!? Doesn't make sense, am looking into what could be the problem...


D'oh, must have been blind (and deaf :) - appledoc doesn't support type-less arguments, so these are the lines that trip it (in NSArray.h):

- (NSArray*)map:(SEL)aSelector with:anObject;
- (NSArray*)map:(SEL)aSelector with:anObject with:otherObject;

You should add type, like this:

- (NSArray*)map:(SEL)aSelector with:(id)anObject;
- (NSArray*)map:(SEL)aSelector with:(id)anObject with:(id)otherObject;

I'll check if I can simply force id in such case (as probably Objective C compiler does).


Solved it as described above, posting solution shortly.

PS: don't worry about open tickets, although I'm currently not in time to take more involving subjects, I am trying to tackle simple fixes and improvements. Not sure about google groups - I could open one, but wouldn't have time to follow it, so for now GitHub issues or private mail are the way to contact me. There's also increasing number of developers who contribute, so hopefully we can improve the product in longer run.

@tomaz tomaz closed this issue from a commit
@tomaz Parsing for objc shortcuts is not less strict. Closes #194.
The problem was in appledoc expecting to have either both or neither of variable name and type keywords for a method argument. So this would pass `-(void)method:`, but this not `-(void)method:var`. The fix is simple: just assume the argument is `id`. So later example would transform internally to `-(void)method:(id)var`. Which is probably what Objective C compiler does too.

Have no idea why I didn't think of this before, it's much less restricting (although probably not the recommended way of doing things in ObjC, but that's whole other topic I guess :)
@tomaz tomaz closed this in d0b2c17

@tomaz - You are awesome! Thanks for the fix and for the project itself.


Glad to be of service :)


FYI: I just created Google group - it's going to be used for discussions on experimental features, but can also be used for general purpose questions:!forum/appledoc


Just subscribed; thanks again!

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