Prevent installation of empty docsets #204

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Currently running appledoc on a project that doesn't contain any recognized comment results in an empty docset being installed in Xcode.

Would it be possible to abort the installation if no comments where found after parsing/processing?

The reason for the request is that CocoaPods by default will use appledoc to generate the documentation of the libraries that a user installs on a project. The approach works fairly well except for this issue.

tomaz commented Mar 16, 2012

Sure it would be possible (probably that's how it should be done in the first place). Will take a look and if it's not something more involved will do it asap.

Thank you, and thanks for the awesome tool.

tomaz commented Mar 26, 2012

Just for info: I did some checks on this but didn't persue it further; I concentrated on project redesigne instead... Didn't forget about it and when I get bored with "playing with the new stuff" I'll come back (hm, as I like playing with new stuff, this probably means it'll be included with it :)

@tomaz tomaz closed this in 450eb47 Apr 13, 2012
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