2.0.5 (build 789) - Unexpected extra row in markdown tables #216

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hartbit commented May 7, 2012

I'm using a Discount table in one of my supporting documentation files. The markdown is:

Nom               | Platforme         | Taille 
----------------- | ----------------- | -------
sku~ipad.png      | iPad non-retina   | 48x48  
sku~iphone.png    | iPhone non-retina | 100x100
sku@2x~ipad.png   | iPad retina       | 96x96  
sku@2x~iphone.png | iPhone retina     | 200x200

And the result:

Markdown Rendering

As you can see, there are two problems. First, it's rendering an extra row, and secondly, there is a abnormal amount of space before the next paragraph.

Do you guys have any ideas if I'm doing anything wrong, or if it's something to do with appledoc or Discount?


tomaz commented May 7, 2012

Not sure as I never used tables myself. Also nobody complained about it so far.

As you suggest there may be two culprits. The markdown from comment goes first through appledoc to prepare cross references and other things, then it's passed through discount to generate final html. Generally I'd say discount should do correct thing, so it's probably appledoc - comment processing code was patched a lot, so it's currently quite a mess. But it shouldn't touch tables, so I'm puzzled.

Could you run your markdown through discount separately and see what happens? You could also run appledoc within Xcode and get the post processed markdown from debugger to see what it does with your table.

I'm leaving this issue open for now, although am not sure how much time I'll devote to it - I'm currently focusing on updating the tool to make it more maintanable and one of the things I'll change is markdown library to one with callbacks (I checked sundown) so I could get rid of some ugly hacks I'm using now. I'm pushing update to experimental branch, so you can follow along if you wish...

I see this exact same problem in appledoc 2.1 (build 840).

Temporary workaround: insert </table> at the end of the last line in the table. It doesn't appear to change the extra margin below the table, but it does get rid of the extra row.

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