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flag "--ignore" does not work #219

couchdeveloper opened this Issue · 6 comments

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appledoc version: 2.0.5 (build 737)

Specifying --ignore .m has no effect.

All the Objective-C headers and modules are in one folder. If it helps, here is the complete command string executed in Xcode via a Ruby script:

/usr/local/bin/appledoc -p JPJson -v "0.1" -c "Bit Passion" -o "/Users/me/Develop/JPJson/JPJson-0.1/Build/Intermediates/" --ignore .m --warn-undocumented-object --warn-undocumented-member --warn-empty-description --warn-unknown-directive --warn-invalid-crossref --warn-missing-arg --no-repeat-first-par --no-keep-undocumented-objects --explicit-crossref --no-create-docset --keep-intermediate-files --create-html --logformat xcode --exit-threshold 2 "/Users/me/Develop/JPJson/JPJson-0.1/Source/json/ObjC"

What I actually try to accomplish is to avoid creation of documentation for classes and categories which are defined in Objective-C modules (as opposed to classes and categories defined in headers). I consider these "private" and not subject for documentation generation. IMHO, this should be the default behavior.

Is there any other way to accomplish this?

Thanks for help!


That's weird - I just had a user to whom ignore flag ignored everything :) Your command line looks ok. Will check if the behavior broke in recent updates.


In my Classes folder, I have a sub-folder named ThirdParty, where I save all the classes that I am using in the current project, but that I did not coded myself.
I wanted to ignore it in the documentation generated, so I added --ignore ThirdParty.
Complete command is:

appledoc --project-name "ProjectName" --project-company "My Awesome Company" --no-repeat-first-par --output docset_folder --ignore .m --ignore ThirdParty --docset-platform-family iphoneos --keep-undocumented-objects --keep-undocumented-members --search-undocumented-doc .

But the files in the folder ThirdParty are not ignored, and are included in the generated docset.

I also tried some variation of the param, such as ThirdParty/, ./path/to/ThirdParty/, but didn't change anything.

Is it the repetition of the --ignore switch that is not allowed? Or is the option currently broken?

(Using appledoc version: 2.1 (build 840)).


Repeating should work, at least for me it seems to be fine. Also your use case is exactly what the option was added for.


Peeking at the code, I found the problem. The method - (BOOL)isPathIgnored:(NSString *)path of the class GCParser only does a string comparison.
And in my case, it was comparing ./path/to/ThirdParty to path/to/ThirdParty/. Editing the option to the one found by the tool fixed it.

It might be a good improvement idea to make the ignore test smarter.

And knowing this, I'm now wondering if the --ignore .m has any effect. I guess not. And even if it would, is it needed? Isn't appledoc smart enough about it?


I've finally got some time to take a look at 2.0 code (I'm focusing on 3.0 whenever I get some time for appledoc): ignoring paths is implemented very simple: it checks path suffix (as string), so --ignore .m should ignore all .m files. Similarly, --ignore ThirdParty (without ending slash) should ignore your all files inside ThirdParty folder (regardless of depth) - this is exactly how I'm using the tool myself.

I think this method works very well, but I agree it could be improved by trimming slashes from the end of both, ignore string and tested path.

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