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Creating docset fails with `Oops, something went wrong...` #230

besi opened this Issue · 13 comments

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I am using appledoc version: 2.0.5 (build 737) via Homebrew

I do /usr/local/bin/appledoc . with the following settings:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

This is the error that I get:

Indexing DocSet...
Oops, something went wrong...
NSInvalidArgumentException: -[__NSCFConstantString code]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fff752f4dc0
@ 0   CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff8f916f56 __exceptionPreprocess + 198
@ 1   libobjc.A.dylib                     0x00007fff8494fd5e objc_exception_throw + 43
@ 2   CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff8f9a31be -[NSObject doesNotRecognizeSelector:] + 190
@ 3   CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff8f903e23 ___forwarding___ + 371
@ 4   CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff8f903c38 _CF_forwarding_prep_0 + 232
@ 5   appledoc                            0x00000001078dff79 appledoc + 40825
@ 6   appledoc                            0x00000001078dff18 appledoc + 40728
@ 7   Foundation                          0x00007fff871601f4 -[NSConcreteTask launchWithDictionary:] + 470
@ 8   appledoc                            0x0000000107919311 appledoc + 275217
@ 9   appledoc                            0x0000000107917451 appledoc + 267345
@ 10  appledoc                            0x0000000107916243 appledoc + 262723
@ 11  appledoc                            0x0000000107903395 appledoc + 185237
@ 12  CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff8f90ecee __NSArrayEnumerate + 718
@ 13  appledoc                            0x000000010790315f appledoc + 184671
@ 14  appledoc                            0x00000001078d9f86 appledoc + 16262
@ 15  appledoc                            0x00000001078d865a appledoc + 9818
@ 16  appledoc                            0x00000001078d87b8 appledoc + 10168
@ 17  appledoc                            0x00000001078d7ca4 appledoc + 7332
@ 18  ???                                 0x0000000000000002 0x0 + 2

appledoc version: 2.0.5 (build 789)

I installed appledoc like described on github and now it seems to work. So there could be a problem with the current homebrew build.


I've installed the Homebrew Build as well. It seems there's something wrong with it, as i got the same relative error.

2012-07-11 12:50:57.983 appledoc[68134:707] -[NSCFConstantString code]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fff77bcca30
Oops, something went wrong...
NSInvalidArgumentException: -[__NSCFConstantString code]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fff77bcca30
@ 0 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff88d64716 __exceptionPreprocess + 198
@ 1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x00007fff8cad3470 objc_exception_throw + 43
@ 2 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff88dfad5a -[NSObject(NSObject) doesNotRecognizeSelector:] + 186
@ 3 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff88d52c3e ___forwarding_
+ 414
@ 4 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff88d52a28 _CF_forwarding_prep_0 + 232
@ 5 appledoc 0x000000010ff9f165 appledoc + 37221
@ 6 appledoc 0x000000010ff9f104 appledoc + 37124
@ 7 Foundation 0x00007fff90a3cf02 -[NSConcreteTask launchWithDictionary:] + 409
@ 8 appledoc 0x000000010ffd828c appledoc + 270988
@ 9 appledoc 0x000000010ffd63da appledoc + 263130
@ 10 appledoc 0x000000010ffd51cc appledoc + 258508
@ 11 appledoc 0x000000010ffc23d5 appledoc + 181205
@ 12 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff88d5d0b6 __NSArrayEnumerate + 582
@ 13 appledoc 0x000000010ffc219f appledoc + 180639
@ 14 appledoc 0x000000010ff991d4 appledoc + 12756
@ 15 appledoc 0x000000010ff978ce appledoc + 6350
@ 16 appledoc 0x000000010ff97a2c appledoc + 6700
@ 17 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fff88ccf7e1 start + 0

This looks like it should be something on the maintainer of the Homebrew RB file should get onto to update to a proper build


I'd talk to @jacknagel, @timshadel, or @alloy about this, as they look to be maintainers of the appledoc.rb file for homebrew.

@sbentzen sbentzen referenced this issue in Homebrew/homebrew

Bad appledoc build #13375


@jacknagel and myself merge formulae as requested, but don't maintain all of them per se. Just saying as we might not be the best people to debug this, as we don't use the software ourselves, the original requestor does.


I wasn't sure who does the maintenance on the formula, just saw names and thought that yourself and @jacknagel may be able to help.


The version that @besi built from github is newer than the 2.0.5 release, which is what homebrew builds. I’m guessing you would get the same results if you would build from the 2.0.5 tag of this repo.

So either a new version has to be released, or you have to install through homebrew with the --HEAD option, which installs the latest commit, instead of the release.

(Btw, I’m also no maintainer of the formula, just an incidental contributor.)


I think homebrew installation requires you to manually copy template files to one of the possible locations (or specify the path via cmd line switch). Although not sure if failing to do this would result in the given error...


While maintainer is a high title for guy that tossed it together to scratch an itch, I'm really happy to jump in and help. :-) I'll see if I can replicate the problem locally, and then see if it goes away with the --HEAD option described by @alloy. I've seen some error myself when installing some stuff from CocoaPods/CocoaPods which includes appledoc.

I may need some help if I get stuck; if you wanna look at how it's being compiled brew edit appledoc will show you the 35-line file. It's a ruby file, but most of it is simply shortcuts to either system commands or install details (md5, etc).


OK, so I was able to reproduce @besi's error with build 737. And the following workaround was fine for me:

brew unlink appledoc
brew install appledoc --HEAD

cd <some project with project settings doc>
appledoc .

So it's clearly something about that specific build. @tomaz, when you tag the source with v2.0.6 (or whatever), I'll submit an update to the homebrew recipe to use the new stable version.


Any hope for an updated tag here?


No idea.


Will do it asap, was away for the past few days, so didn't manage it yet...


There it is, finally got to it - there's now tag v2.0.6 available.

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