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Discussion section not omitted for single-paragraph methods or properties #233

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Ryan tomaz

The settings documentation (in the common tips section) states the following:

Note that discussion section is omitted for methods or properties that only have a single paragraph, even if repeating is enabled!

This doesn't seem to be honored, as I have a bunch of one-paragraph sections that are generating a discussion section.

This issue only talks about having the option to turn off repeating the description completely. I don't want that. I want the discussion section to contain the description if there is more than one paragraph, as specified in the documentation.


Works for me with this example:

@interface FooBar : NSObject

/** Paragraph.

 second par.
- (void)method1;

/** Paragraph.
- (void)method2;


Regardless of whether I'm using --repeat-first-paragraph option, discussion section is omited for method2, however it is included for method1. In fact, I noticed the opposite - first paragraph is NOT repeated for method1 even if the option is set :)

Try with above example to see what happens. If it doesn't work for you, make sure you use latest version from GitHub and update your template files.

tomaz tomaz closed this

Sorry it took so long to try the example, but I did, and the example code still isn't working for me.

I'm pretty sure I'm using the latest version from GitHub (git pull says Already up-to-date.). I deleted my ~/.appledoc directory and copied over the Templates directory again using cp -rp Templates ~/.appledoc. I even set -t ~/.appledoc to make sure that I didn't have some old template files it was looking at instead of the ones I copied.

appledoc --version says appledoc version: 2.0.5 (build 789). What could I be missing?

EDIT: here's a screenshot of what I see.


Weird... Probably there's some switch that's getting in the way, here's my cmd line (for completness sake):

appledoc --company-id com.gentlebytes --project-company "Gentle Bytes" --project-name "Test" --output ~/Output/Folder --repeat-first-par ~/Path/To/Input/File

Then you can add you own settings one by one and see which one breaks it. You can additionally add --print-settings switch so appledoc will print out all the settings - useful a debugging aid.


I'm still getting the same results, even with using the same command line you're using (except I changed the paths to .).

I don't have any global settings, but perhaps there's something I should be using that I don't have?


Well ... I'm no longer able to reproduce the error. I have no idea why it wasn't working, but it's working as expected now.

(Although I do see the first paragraph repeating when the option is set -- which is expected behavior, just different from what you saw.)

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