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How do I link to an url containing underscore? #279

gcerquant opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I need to add some underscore in a link, and in the title of the link.

Is it possible?

 * Please read [this]( - This does not work: link is broken
 * Please read [this]( - This works, but is only readable in appledoc, not in code
 * Please read [this_great_class] - This does not work - title is broken
 * Please read [this%5Fgreat%5Fclass'] - Title broken ; I don't know any workaround

Markdown cross references links are currently broken. I'm right in the middle of working on them on 3.0 branch :)

There's another issue dealing with this - see #237. I'm closing this one so there won't be duplicates. Feel free to comment on #237 in order to be notified about progress.

@tomaz tomaz closed this
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