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Xcode crashes on ALT-double click #289

maziac opened this Issue · 1 comment

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If I single-ALT-click a method the quick help window appears.
But if I double-ALT-click the same method (which should take me to the documentation
in the Organizer) Xcode (4.5.2) crashes.

This happens also with the appledoc source code itself.
I generated the docset from within the appledoc directory with
appledoc -p x -c x -o helpdir .
Then I ALT-double clicked on e.g. 'generateOutputFromStore:'

=> Xcode crashes.

This seems to happen with every method and is 100% reproducable (at least on
my machine).


Duplicate #287 :)

@tomaz tomaz closed this
@andreiaf andreiaf referenced this issue from a commit in andreiaf/appledoc
@andreiaf andreiaf Fixed issues #289, #235 for Xcode 4.4 and above
1. Xcode will crash on ALT-DoubleClick every time when trying to look up selected text in Xcode Organiser
2. ALT-Click shows QuickHelp bubble OK, but if the method is not from one of the standard framework classes, the 'Reference' link at the bottom of the pop-up is not shown.
   Thus you can't jump to Organiser help on  your own classes and methods from the Quick Help bubble.
3. Added sample Xcode integration script to generate dockets automatically as target

Fix Notes:
    1. modify template file "tokens-template.xml" to add node reference for methods
    2. modify "GBDocSetOutputGenerator.m" to add this node reference to the generated xml file
@andreiaf andreiaf referenced this issue from a commit in andreiaf/appledoc
@andreiaf andreiaf - Fixed issue #318
- Fixed #235, #289, #315. Adder proper Quick Help Reference links for @property's getters and setters methods when they are explicitly defined in the code. Now the reference link in Quick Help (Alt+click) and Help Organiser (ALT+doubleclick) point to @property.
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