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Custom getter in combination w/ instance method sharing the property name raises exception #299

nerdsRob opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Rob Siwek tomaz
Rob Siwek

"Getter or Setter does not match exception" raised in GBMethodData validateMergeWith:(GBMethodData *)source when code looks like this

@property (nonatomic, assign, readonly, getter=hasNext) BOOL next;
- (void)next;

- (void)next
[self doSomething];

How about checking the @property data type against the method's return type?

Rob Siwek nerdsRob referenced this issue from a commit in nerdsRob/appledoc
Rob Siwek nerdsRob should fix issue #299 c89c984

Will check pull request. This should have been working otherwise...

tomaz tomaz closed this
tomaz commented

Is this working now? Am closing the tickets, but feel free to reopen it or comment in case there's additional problem...

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