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Generate feeds for Dash docset #307

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Add an option to generate Dash docsets. Maybe there could be a command line flag allowing multiple feed formats to be set?

I would be more than willing to implement this if anyone can give me some direction on how it might work for users.


This should be working out of the box as long as you're targeting objective c - see #217. Basically Dash since version 1.6.5 looks for presence of a special key inside info.plist file of generated docset. By default appledoc puts appledoc as the value of that key, but you can control the value through --dash-platform-family cmd line switch (not sure if that would change anything though, don't think so AFAIK).

If you're generating docset for other languages, then you must look at different generator as appledoc only supports objc at this point.

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Sorry, I was a little too ambiguous in my title.

I was referring to the generation of the feeds. Currently, publishing an appledoc generates an Xcode-ready atom feed. I was thinking it would be nice to generate the Dash-ready xml feed.


Oh I see. This would be nice addition, will mark it as feature requesf. Probably won't come to it until 3.0.

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@bjtitus bjtitus added a commit to bjtitus/appledoc that referenced this issue
@bjtitus bjtitus Adding support for generating Dash's xml format #307
This is some initial support for adding Dash xml feed generation. Note that support for specifying formats is a little crude and I've added a template for xml files which I think is a reasonable approach.

Sorry I cluttered up this issue. Didn't realize rebasing would show this commit so many times.


Don't worry :)

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