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Included Image only works if size specified #323

Cocoanetics opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants

Oliver Drobnik tomaz David Le
Oliver Drobnik

If you include an image you have to specify the size for it to be shown as image and not as !name hyperlink. The builder should be smart enough to figure out the image size from the image.

![DTCoreText_Reference](DTCoreText_Reference.png =150x150)

I spent much time trying to get it to show like this, but failed:


I guess that this is a bug since the documentation does not mention having to add the size anywhere.

Oliver Drobnik

The parser appears to create anything without the =size as a hyperlink.

Oliver Drobnik

I think that this is related to #212.

David Le

I tried to add =size and it works on some occasions but not others. Until this gets fixed it is better to use html.

<img src="../docs/DocResource/Images/dark.png"/>

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