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@warning (and others) broken #341

Cocoanetics opened this Issue · 5 comments

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If I add an @warning section it no longer properly formats the warning in a box. Instead it is output like this:

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 11 29 27

There is an extra %warning% visible. Is there something broken in the templates? I removed the .appledoc folder in my user home as well as reinstalled appledoc.



I wonder if it's something related to commit 5af6835, which replaced the previous MarkDown parser with the GitHub flavoured


It's definitely related to commit 5af6835. I checked out previous commit c16d267 and @warning is ok there.




+1. Checked out c16d267 as well and it works again as expected.

@tomaz tomaz closed this issue from a commit
@tomaz Reverting from GitHub flavored Markdown compiler. Fixes #341.
Seems like `gfm_string()` doesn't parse `> %class%` at all (possibly uses `MKD_NODIVQUOTE` flag internally). Until that is cleared, I'm reverting to old implementation!
@tomaz tomaz closed this in dfd0b54

It indeed seems to be the issue with 5af6835. It seems like GitHub flavored parser doesn't handle the format I use for styled block quotes. There's probably solution for that (according to discount docs there's MKD_NODIVQUOTE flag which controls this and it's probably used by GitHub parser), but I didn't find solution in quick tests. So for now I switched back to original parser which properly handles @warning and @bug.

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