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ghost commented Apr 19, 2013

I would pay 15-35$ for an app with a neat user interface for the appledocs switches! No joke.


tomaz commented Apr 19, 2013

It's in my plans, I even wrote about it on my blog, but definitely after 3.0 as current master is too fragile.

However it may take a while judging from my current availability...

Tatsh commented Apr 19, 2013

And someone will fork this project and make a non-free version with a GUI.

@tomaz What is the current version (I have 2.1, but can't find documentation about the current version anywhere)?

Any idea when 3.0 will roll around (time frame)?


tomaz commented May 2, 2013

Currently versioning is managed manually (besides version, there's also build number), and I tend to forget to update, so it's not very reliable. With 3.0, I've automated this to get the data from git.

I can't give you any timeframe for 3.0; I wasn't able to attend it for the past 3 months due to other work. But am slowly getting back. There's still substantial effort required and I'm also thinking of getting some help from community in order to bring it as fast as possible. Will let the thought mature for some time and see how the situation will evolve before taking decision...


tomaz commented May 2, 2013

@Tatsh It's possible and I was approached by someone who was interested in doing it (more than year ago). The tool is open source, so everyone can take it and do whatever they want with it. On the other hand, it's quite some work and probably not much of a market to warrant such an (time) investment. For me it may work out as I get many support questions from unexperienced unix devs not familiar with cmd line and such. By rerouting them to GUI tool they can get better experience and I can get some revenue for my time. It's just an idea, will see how it goes. Definitely 3.0 needs to be the platform for it as current master is way too unstable and patchy to base a commercial version on it. Of course cmd line tool will remain free and open source for everyone to use!

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