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Popup bubbles in Xcode don't show the "Reference" section, except for the main class. #356

hibu opened this Issue · 6 comments

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For all methods in a class, Apple documentation contains a "Reference" section with a link to the class-reference like this:
screen shot 2013-06-07 at 11 02 54

Appledoc-generated documentation only contains this "Reference" section for the main class, but not for the methods within it.

Is this a not-implemented-yet feature, or is there a way to make it work already?


Don't recall, but there were issues with Xcode integration since Xcode 4. I'm using Dash and plugin that relays docs to Dash. Find it much faster.


Not sure, but I seem to remember that using --docset-platform-family iphoneos helped with this?


I'm using the docset device family iphone, and it seems to work for my doc sets (xcode 4.6.3)


@hibu can you confirm the fix or is the issue still there for you? I suggest grabbing the lastest version and run a sudo sh ./ -t default, then regenerate your docset, and a restart of xcode.


Upgraded using homebrew, I have version 2.1 (build 840). I tried adding --docset-platform-family with the value iphoneos to AppledocSettings.plist and regenerating the docsets, restart Xcode, etc. - still in the option-click bubble that pops up the Reference item does not appear on methods or properties, only for the main class.

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