Appledoc warns of duplicate definitions when there aren't any #393

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karwa commented Aug 18, 2013

Using the latest source, the following header file raises an exception because STGNumberSign is already registered somehow.

It throws this even when parsing just this header file in isolation.


robvdveer commented Aug 18, 2013

I copied the file into my testing project and it does not throw any exception. It just warns about the STGNumberSign not being documented.

screen shot 2013-08-18 at 10 10 10 am

Appledoc does not scan files based on your project. It scans all files in the given directory and subdirectories. My guess is that you have a duplicate file somewhere in your folder structure.

karwa commented Aug 18, 2013

Yes I know it only scans the directory, but that file alone in its own directory still throws for me.

Here's the AppledocSettings.plist I'm using:

So, to make my repro steps totally clear:

  1. Place both the AppledocSettings.plist above and the header file from the first post in a new directory
  2. Open a terminal to that directory
  3. Run "appledoc ."

robvdveer commented Aug 18, 2013

Previous reply deleted. Remove the -input section from your plist, or do not include the '.' on the command line.


You are basically processing the same folder twice.

tomaz closed this May 16, 2014

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