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Would it be possible to cross-reference to Apple classes, like for instance NSObject. Right now these classes are simply not clickable.


I was thinking of various possibilities to get this done. This would require having a database of possible classes together with their URLs.

The quickest way would be to simply assume any word starting with NS, UI and other possible extensions would simply be converted to a cross ref using predefined URL template. I guess this would easily break and would prevent using any word starting with these prefixes.

Another option would be to maintain a list of all classes. This would require constant updating with new API. On the other hand it could easily allow adding third party frameworks too.

Third option would be to actually build the database out of actual documentation installed with Xcode (or look for class on the fly). This would be robust, but may also be prone to breaking on each Apple's change of locations and structure. Or there may be an actual API available for this, didn't check. There are apps that list documentation out there, so developers have found way of implementing it.

This requires some investigation, but should not present great challenge after figuring out how to get the information.


Plus one on this one from me. If I remember the Ingredients guys actually parse the HTML of the built in DocSets to get this information.


That would definitely be an option. In both cases I'm afraid it's likely to become broken when Apple update's the structure.


Plus one. I've just spent some time trying to "fix" my UIKit links, thinking they were broken. Having read this I understand why it is not provided (yet).


One way to add this would be to ask users to give the path of the docset they want to link with. Once you have the docset, I can help you get the list of classes and link paths (like Dash does in the documentation browser). This has the advantage that users could link with several docsets if they wish, not just Apple ones.


Seems best to me too. Didn't check if Apple leaves xml files in docset or uses some other structure that could be used for parsing. Thanks for help - will let you know once I start work on this (might take a while :)


This is related to #17.

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