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Travis CI Status Build Status

Add Travis CI status of the project to the Atom status bar.

Atom Status Bar Screenshot


Use the Atom package manager, which can be found in the Settings view or run apm install travis-ci-status from the command line.


The Travis CI build status for your repository will be indicated by the clock-arrow icon in the status bar. The icon will appear orange when it's requesting the build status, green if the build was successful and red if the build failed.

The build status is updated when the project is first opened in Atom and from then on whenever the "status" of the project repository changes. The handling of these events was borrowed from the part of the status-bar package.

Remote Name

If the remote repository Travis is configured to build is named something other than origin, you can specify a different name in the Travis Ci Remote Name field in the settings view.

Per-repo remotes are also now supported. To specify a per-repo remote, enter it in the Remote Overrides field in the settings view in the format {"repo":"remote"}. In other words, if I wanted to add the Travis CI Status package with the remote "upstream", I would enter it as follows:


Travis Pro

You are able to use this with Travis Pro if you enable it in the settings view. You will also need to generate and set a GitHub API token to be able to authenticate with the Travis Pro API.


The following commands are available for users to keymap.

  • travis-ci-status:toggle - Toggle the status bar entry
  • travis-ci-status:toggle-build-matrix - Toggle the build matrix panel
  • travis-ci-status:open-on-travis - Open the project on the Travis CI site


Since August 27, 2016 the Travis CI Status package is being maintained by Ghost1227. While development will be happening in tombell's repo, please direct any messages to me through my website.

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