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Boilerplate Rails app with Bootstrap, user accounts, pages, and more


Created to speed up initial release time, Prelude is a boilerplate Rails 3.2 app that includes the basics for your standard web app:

  • Bootstrap
  • User accounts via Devise, including:
    • Avatars via Paperclip
    • Profile pages
    • Pretty CoffeeScript sign in and sign up modal
    • Username-based authentication
  • S3 as Paperclip's default storage adapter
  • Backbone.js
  • Static pages (e.g. "About", "Terms") that are manageable by admins and written in Markdown
  • Site settings (e.g. site name, etc) via Settingslogic
  • Helpers for caching content for unauthenticated users and for easily setting <title> in each view
  • Pretty 404 and 500 pages in production
  • Admin interface via Active Admin
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